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  • Final Rule on Head Start Eligibility

    Final Rule on Head Start Eligibility codifies statutory eligibility requirements revised in the Improving Head Start Act of 2007 and strengthens procedures programs.

  • 2017 Public Policy Forum

    National Education Association
    1201 16th Street NW
    Washington, D.C. 20036

    Room Block:
    $259.00 a night
    1127 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Washington D.C. 20036
    Reservations Toll Free: 877-212-5752
    Registration Fee:
    $269.00 General Registration
    $135.00 Current Program Parent Registration

“Go Cheyla go!” said Janna
“.1 left!” said Delia
“Drive those arms, Let’s PR!” said Cleo
My mile 3 pace was fast and filled with unforgettable memories. This weekend I went to New Jersey to visit my uncle and his family which was an emotional experience because I had not seen them for over 5 years.  My birthday this summer was celebrated for an entire week starting with my family. My family in New Jersey did a BBQ and invited other relatives to attend so I could meet them. Being away from home is tough because you don’t have the same support that family gives and this weekend I had that …

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