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  • Final Rule on Head Start Eligibility

    Final Rule on Head Start Eligibility codifies statutory eligibility requirements revised in the Improving Head Start Act of 2007 and strengthens procedures programs.

  • 2017 Public Policy Forum

    National Education Association
    1201 16th Street NW
    Washington, D.C. 20036

    Room Block:
    $259.00 a night
    1127 Connecticut Avenue NW
    Washington D.C. 20036
    Reservations Toll Free: 877-212-5752
    Registration Fee:
    $269.00 General Registration
    $135.00 Current Program Parent Registration

On your mark, get set, go! We are off and the race starts at a fast pace! In the first 200 meters of the race, there are family members and friends on the sideline watching and encouraging you. The start of the race dictates how you will run the rest of the race. Cleo, Janna, and Delia are Priscilla, Juan, Armando, and my coaches for this 5K. At last night’s dinner, they were not joking about how fast paced we would start.

The first Friday forum we wrote our story to present at the policy forum and wine & cheese about ourselves. This event enhanced my self-esteem and confidence witnessing the emotions board members and currently farmworker families had as we presented our stories. Here is a portion of my story…

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